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High Council



Jer Gordon

Executive Doodler

Jer graduated from the University of Maryland where he studied criminology. He now works a full time job at a place. In his free time he enjoys certain things but also there are some things he would rather not do. 






Ben Perone

Chief Chief

Ben is currently heading into his senior year at Adrian College where he is studying marketing and economics (please hire me). His favorite shows are shows and his favorite movies are movies. At night he dreams of garlic bread and the pyramids.




Fahed Masood

Executive Moker

Fahed graduated from University of Maryland where he studied some sort of engineering I think. Fahed brings small business experience to the table, along with cunning intellect and a smile that is to die for. In college, Fahed and Jer’s roommate moved out after one semester, describing living with them as “his own personal hell.”